Leaf Collection


The city's leaf collection effort is one of the responsibilities of the Street Department. In order to efficiently cover the entire city, the Street Department works one section of the city at a time. We plan to cover each neighborhood of the city at least three times during the collection program.

Individual Pickup

We are not able to leave a section to honor individual pickup requests during the heaviest part of the season since each leaf collection crew includes four employees, one vacuum machine and two dump trucks. However, if you choose to bag your leaves, you may contact the Solid Waste Department at 615-893-3681 for more information.

Only bags clearly marked biodegradable are acceptable.

Helpful Tips

  • Please rake your leaves curbside as soon as possible
  • Please rake your leaves in windrows not exceeding two feet in depth
  • Please do not place your leaves more than five feet from the curb or shoulder
  • Please do not block storm drain inlets
  • Please do not mix tree limbs or stumps, metal, lumber or any other debris with your leaves (this may injure our employees or damage the equipment)