Seasonal Duties

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Snow and Ice

During periods of ice and snowstorms five dump trucks equipped with snow plows and salt spreaders are used to clear the roads. The department maintains a materials storage yard with a stockpile of approximately 800-1,000 tons of salt each year. All personnel are responsible for assisting in the operation of these trucks for the duration of these storms.

Litter Removal

The removal of litter on the major rights-of-way is accomplished through the use of inmates from the Rutherford County Workhouse and supervised by our field personnel year round. For trash pick-up and property maintenance please contact the Solid Waste and Building and Codes departments respectively. Additional information regarding neighborhood codes is in the brochure.

Mowing & Pruning

The mowing of grass in rights-of-way and easements is accomplished with five tractors with bush hogs, two front deck mowers, one slope mower, and several string trimmers. Overhead vegetation is trimmed with a tractor mounted boom mower. This equipment is operated by six light equipment operators, two crew leaders, and several full time and part time laborers.

For over abandoned properties and general property maintenance please contact the Building and Codes department.

Animals and Pests

The Street Department also manages the city's mosquito control program. Please contact Rutherford County Animal Control at 615-898-7927 for information regarding dead animals in the street, dangerous animals, or animal neglect. For the number of animals on a residential property contact building and codes.