Monitoring & Assessments

Water MonitorerAvailable Results and Reports

The City's stormwater program produces a variety of monitoring results and reports. They are categorized as follows:

  • Annual reports to the State Department of Environment and Conservation - uses a form provided by TDEC to be submitted by September 30 for the previous reporting year (July – June)
  • Illicit discharge screening - results of annual investigations to find non-stormwater discharges entering the city’s storm sewer system
  • Special studies - such as bacteria sampling and dye tracing
  • Status of water quality - the state’s online assessments and any local water quality reports
  • Stream monitoring - results of local visual assessments and chemical and biological sampling
  1. Illicit Discharge
  2. Special Studies
  3. Status of Water Quality
  4. Annual Reports
  5. Pollution Reduction Plans

Goal & Purpose

One of the six minimum measures of an MS4 program is Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE).

The goal of IDDE is to locate non-stormwater discharges – particularly chronic discharges – entering the storm drain system and to eliminate them. It is not uncommon to find that older buildings plumbed wash waters and such to a storm drain, which from there entered a stream. It’s also not uncommon to find regular washing outdoors that drains the wash water to storm drains.

Types of Innocuous Waters

There are a number of innocuous, non-stormwater discharges that may be discharged to the storm drain, but otherwise non-stormwater discharges are restricted from entering storm drains. Some of the innocuous waters are:

  • Air conditioning condensation
  • Firefighting activities
  • Groundwater infiltration to storm drains
  • Landscape irrigation or lawn watering with potable water or re-purified water
  • Non-commercial washing of vehicles
  • Other uncontaminated water sources
  • Swimming pools (if dechlorinated)
  • Water line flushing or other potable water sources

Our screening activities are periodic only, and so we must rely on reports from you – citizens – and from other city staff to find non-stormwater discharges. Call us if you see wash waters being discharged into or toward storm drains at 615-848-3200.

Available Reports

20212021 IDDE - Dry Weather Screening
20202020 IDDE Dry Weather Screening