Regulations & Standards

The information below is intended to provide general information to interested parties about the relevant regulation and standards. Please contact the City to discuss your individual project.

Gateway Project

- Declaration of Protective Covenants and Property Owner’s Association

In January 2003, City Council adopted a set of Protective Covenants and Property Owner's Association for the city’s Gateway Project. This document currently applies to the present owners of the property with a provision that additional contiguous property owned by the city may be placed within the master association area. Potential purchases should review this document as part of their research on the Gateway project.

Property Owner's Association Members

The Property Owner’s Association is a five-member body, which includes:
  • Chris Wyre, Chairman
  • Fonda Cantrell
  • Gordon Ferguson
  • Bob Martin
  • Tommy Smith

Gateway Property Owner's Design Guidelines

As land sale contracts are closed and development proceeds, projects will be also be subject to design review and the Murfreesboro Gateway Design Guidelines. The design guidelines are administered by the Design Review Committee (DRC) consisting of:
  • Randy Caldwell, Chair
  • Lyle Lynch, Vice Chair
  • Ross Bradley
  • David Gray
  • Pam Kious

Gateway Design Review Process

The Gateway design review process includes four steps:
  • Pre-design briefing
  • Initial design review
  • Final design review
  • Construction review
These design guidelines will help ensure quality development.  Although projects must receive the approval from the Design Review Committee (DRC) and the city, we are committed to ensuring an efficient and timely review.  Download the Project Information Form, and for further information contact Gary Whitaker at 615-849-2629.

City Design Guidelines

Projects are also subject to the City’s normal planning and zoning process.  The City has implemented the Gateway Design Overlay District along the Medical Center Parkway corridor, including the City’s Gateway Project, which is located in GDO-3.  As a result, projects within the Murfreesboro Gateway received design review from both the DRC and Planning Commission.

For further information, please contact Planning Director Donald Anthony at 615-893-6441.

Helpful Resources

Design Guideline Efficiency Calendar

While design review approvals are required from both the Design Review Committee and Planning Commission, we have developed an efficient calendar:
  • Pre-design briefing (can be optional)
  • DRC initial design review
  • Planning Commission initial design review
  • Planning Commission final design review
  • DRC final design review
Refer to the calendars of scheduled meetings and submittal deadlines for the Murfreesboro Planning Commission and contact Gary Whitaker for the schedule of the Gateway Design Review Committee at 615-849-2629. Click here for the DRC meeting calendar.