Stars Award Logo

STARS represent our employees who "Succeed Through Attitudes Reflecting Service Excellence". (STARS)
 The City of Murfreesboro has an employee recognition program geared to engage and motivate our employees  through recognition of contributions made through service excellence.  The STARS Award program is designed to encourage everyday service excellence in our organization. 

Service Excellence Program

STARS is designed to drive and enforce the ideals set forth in the Service Excellence Program by building a culture of service and recognition that acknowledges the value employees add to the city through their many outstanding customer service interactions. STARS is intended to recognize employees that are nominated from outside of the organization, as well as encourage peer-to-peer recognition that celebrates outstanding performance and the contributions that matter every day core service values.

The City Council has identified four core service values: 

  • Treat customers with respect
  • Exceed standards that customers expect
  • Deliver value and quality service
  • Provide convenience and one-stop shopping

STARS takes one more step toward recognizing those that embody these core service values. The City’s employees are great at providing customer support at all levels and should be recognized and rewarded.