Vice/Gang/Narcotics Section

Vice Unit

The Vice Unit is an investigative unit operating within the Special Investigation Division (SID). The Vice Unit is multifaceted, meaning it has responsibility for investigating reports of prostitution, human trafficking, gambling, and alcohol compliance checks on businesses. Vice Unit Detectives receive specialized training that enables them to conduct investigations in each of these areas. 

Some of the investigations that Vice Unit conduct are as follows: 

  • Vice Detectives monitor social media and internet sites that promote prostitution. Detectives conduct covert operations on people using these sites. People using these sites use them as a pretext to commit other crimes such as robbery and drug trafficking. Many times the people that are advertised on these sites are victims themselves of human trafficking. 
  • Detectives assigned to the Vice Unit conduct investigations into massage parlors. Many individuals use a store front and advertise as a legitimate business, however many are nothing more than a front for prostitution, human trafficking, and money laundering.  Vice Detectives conduct compliance checks at these businesses to ensure they are in compliance with state laws. Once a business is suspected of possible criminal activity, Vice Detectives will conduct covert operations at the business. These investigations are very time consuming and may last months or as long as a year.    
  • Vice Detectives follow up reports of illegal gambling. Some of these investigations are of businesses running illegal poker machines. Other times they are complaints of an individual running an illegal gambling operation. Detectives have taken complaints from family members on other family members losing their entire pay checks at an illegal gambling location. Many times these locations become targets for robberies and drug trafficking. 
  •  The Vice Unit also conducts alcohol compliance checks of businesses in Murfreesboro that sell alcohol. Detectives will conduct covert operations to ensure that these businesses are not selling alcohol to those under the age of 21. 

Vice Detectives will assist in multi-jurisdictional investigations involving human trafficking. Many times victims are trafficked out of state. This requires involvement of law-enforcement at the local, state, and federal level. Once a trafficking organization is taken down they are prosecuted at the federal level. 

Vice Detectives work with non-profit organizations such as End Slavery Now to assist victims of human trafficking. 

If you would like to report any of the crimes listed above, need help as a victim of human trafficking or to speak to a Vice Detective, please call 615-849-2651 or 615-893-2717.

Narcotics Unit

The Narcotics Unit is an investigative unit operating within the Special Investigation Division (SID). The Narcotics Unit is made up of detectives specializing in all aspects of drug investigations. Narcotics Detectives use both covert and overt investigative techniques while working these types of crimes. Because of the complex nature of drug investigations, detectives assigned to the Narcotics Unit must be able to operate in a small unit and be a functioning member of the team. 

Responsibilities of the Narcotics Unit are as follows:

  • Following up on citizen complaints involving individuals suspected of selling illegal drugs. Many times the location of the suspected drug dealer becomes a nuisance for the community. Narcotics Detectives investigate the location and the people frequenting the residence. Detectives work to permanently resolve the problem. 
  • Narcotics Detectives are responsible for investigating street level drug dealers. Many times these dealers become a nuisance to the community and foster other criminal activities such as robberies and shootings. 
  •  Detectives in the Narcotics Unit are expected to investigate complex drug organizations. Many times these investigations can take months or even years to complete. 
  • Narcotics Detectives are responsible for seizing assets obtained by individuals selling illegal drugs. Detectives are expected to be familiar with all seizure laws and maintain a high level of integrity that is fair to all parties involved. 
  • Narcotics Detectives support our Uniform Division with drug investigations and seizures.  
  • Detectives assigned to the Narcotics Unit follow up on drug overdoses. Currently many of the overdose cases in the City of Murfreesboro are related to heroin and fentanyl.  Detectives work to determine who is distributing the drug and take the investigation as high up in the drug organization as possible.   

Detectives within the Narcotics Unit maintain close relationships with other local, state, and federal law-enforcement partners, as well as work closely with state and federal prosecutors. 

Detectives within the Narcotics Unit are responsible for training new officers on the types of drugs they will encounter on the streets. Narcotics Detectives also provide training on the changing drug trends at yearly in-services.

To report suspected drug activity or speak to a Narcotics Detective please contact us at 615-849-2651 or 615-893-2717.