Patrol Services

Uniformed Division
The Uniformed Division is the largest single division of the Department and provides all uniformed police services for the citizens of Murfreesboro. The division is commanded by two Captains sharing responsibility for the management of the Patrol Services and Traffic/Special Services sections within the division.

Patrol Services is divided into three (3) patrol shifts. Included in patrol operations are various community policing initiatives, bicycle patrol, park patrol, greenway patrol, Special Operations Unit (SOU) tactical team, and Directed Patrol Service.

Traffic/Special Services includes four (4) shifts of traffic enforcement officers, as well as parking enforcement personnel assigned to the downtown central business district. Traffic/Special Services is also responsible for wrecker schedules and inspections, as well as many of the specialized units within the department such as the Fatal Accident Crash Team (FACT), the Murfreesboro Alcohol Counter-Measures Team (MPACT), Aggressive Driving Unit, and Canine Unit.