Stormwater Quality Design

Synopsis of Post-construction Stormwater Standards

Design principles and technical guidance

Stormwater Management Record Sheet

The stormwater management record sheet is to be filed as soon as design and construction documents are complete. This form serves as a record of the stormwater controls to be installed and as an application for reduction in stormwater fee.

Engineer Certification

The Certification of Stormwater Quality Controls is to be completed by the engineer certifying proper installation of stormwater controls.

Small Site Development Options 

Sites designed with less than two acres of imperviousness (rooftop, paving, and sidewalks, for example) and use Low Impact Development (LID) practices, can take advantage of a small-site development option which allows you to forego the otherwise-applicable Stream Bank Protection requirement. 

Tools to show plans reviewers the site qualifies under the small site option:

Technical Memoranda

Design Examples

View the pond, swale and infiltration design examples.