Streamside Buffers

Maintaining a naturally vegetated buffer alongside the stream is an important safeguard to water quality.

Water Quality Protection Area

In 2007, Murfreesboro established a Water Quality Protection Area (WQPA) policy and ordinance. This policy requires that any new land development alongside a stream should establish a 35 or 50 foot buffer, depending on the size of the stream. Residences built in or after 2007 and are located next to a stream, the yard is most likely platted with a WQPA. This is a protected area, a no-touch zone with few exceptions. Residents are not allowed to remove vegetation, do earth work or construction, or apply herbicides.

Stream Buffer

Residents living on a stream, whether or not the yard involves a platted WQPA, are encouraged to establish a stream buffer. The Tennessee Division of Forestry has a page of resources and an excellent how-to manual, the Tennessee Urban Riparian Buffer Handbook.

Riparian Buffer

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To find out more about the WQPA, read the city ordinance or contact Josh Upham at (615) 848-3200.