Fundraiser Car Washes

Negative Impacts of Car Washes on Waterways

carwash1Car washes are a way of raising money for a good cause. Unfortunately they can have a negative impact on surrounding waterways. Existing techniques ensure that the car wash water does not enter the storm drainage system and then drain into the river and lakes that we use and enjoy.

Techniques to Guard Against Water Pollution

When a car wash kit and professional car wash are not available, proper techniques can be used to help guard against water pollution. The location of proposed car washes can be very important in achieving an environmentally friendly site. Pervious surfaces (a surface that allows the passage of water) allow soapy water to be filtered. Biodegradable soaps are also effective in decreasing water pollution.

Location Selection

When choosing a location to house your car wash, a parking lot which is adjacent to a stream or water body should never be used due to lack of possible mediation. An area which drains to any type of storm drain or conveyance which leads to a water source should also not be used. Any vehicle washing which discharges contaminants to a drain is in direct violation of city ordinance 27.5-13.