Master Plan: Greenways, Blueways, Bikeways

The combination of a growing Murfreesboro creating development opportunities for greenway,blueway, and bikeway infrastructure, more residents requiring additional recreation outlets and transportation options, and the City’s desire to provide a leading quality of life for existing and future residents of middle Tennessee has prompted the need for this master plan.
A total of 67 miles of off-road trails and 24 new trailheads have been recommended for development over the next 25 years. The routes focus on improving connectivity between large community parks, neighborhoods and commercial areas and on providing trails to currently underserved segments of the population. Over 100 miles of bicycle facilities and designations are also proposed as part of the plan. These are aimed at making critical connections to key destinations and allowing more users to experience the greenway network without driving to it. Lastly, 14 blueways access locations are recommended on all three forks of the Stones River in and around Murfreesboro in addition to the seven public access locations that currently exist.

Download the Greenways, Blueways, and Bikeways Master Plan

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