Comprehensive Plan Chapters

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan serves as a "blueprint" for future growth in Murfreesboro. It includes maps and policies that describe how land may be used and the public infrastructure (such as streets, water and sewer) needed to serve them.

In order to achieve the concepts contained in a comprehensive plan, the city adopts policies for capital improvements, plans, zoning and other land development regulations. All public and private developments are measured against and are to align with the city's Comprehensive Plan and the community's vision.

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Chapter 1: Planning Context

Chapter 1: Powerpoint

Chapter 2: Growth Capacity

Map 2.1 Annexation History

Map 2.2 Utilized Land within the Planning Area

Map 2.3 Environmental Constraints

Chapter 4: Land Use and Character

Map 4.1 Growth Sequencing

Chapter 5: Housing and Neighborhoods

Map 5.1 Neighborhood Analysis: West Murfreesboro
Map 5.2 Neighborhood Analysis: Downtown Murfreesboro

Chapter 6: Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces

Chapter 7: Economic Development

Chapter 8: Implementation Strategies

Executive Summary

Currently Under Development:

Chapter 3: Mobility (Transportation)