Purchasing Department


The mission of Murfreesboro Purchasing Department is to provide procurement services using experience, integrity and courtesy with all City Departments and to provide quality products, goods, and services which meet or exceed expectations while complying with all applicable laws.

Mission Statement

"The Purchasing Department is dedicated to delivering innovative procurement processes through best practices, value added services, advanced technology, and a strong code of ethics."


The Purchasing Department is responsible for establishing purchasing policies under a centralized purchasing system for the procurement of goods, services, and equipment and the provision of fair and equitable treatment of all persons. The department will always strive to be a good steward of public funds by using "best practices," market knowledge, innovation, and efficiency.

Purchasing is responsible for ensuring that bidding and procurement activities serves the city needs while maintaining fair and open competition for all suppliers.

Formal Solicitations 
Please use these Vendor Registry links for any vendor registrations and solicitation information.

Vendor Registry Technical Support: