ATC Pass Holder Fees & Benefits

Citizens that frequent the Adams Tennis Complex will have the opportunity to purchase membership passes. Pass holders will enjoy numerous benefits including reduced court fees and the ability to reserve permanent court times. Pass holder priority will be established through a numbered pass system. Priority on permanent court time will be given to the lowest pass holder number. Pass holders will retain their number from year to year, provided their memberships or passes do not lapse. In the event that a pass holder allows their annual membership to lapse, they will be given the next available number upon purchase of a new annual pass. The old number will be deleted from the system and will become unavailable. Pass holder numbers can be retained for a lifetime, provided annual membership is consistently renewed. Individual pass numbers cannot be transferred or gifted. Family member pass holder numbers can be reduced to an individual number but may only be used by one individual.

Pass holder Options

All Adams Tennis Complex Pass holder packages (individual, family, senior, military and youth) include several benefits. 
Free court time when reserved within 24 hours
Access to permanent reserved court time
Four guest passes per contract year
After initial deposit, the remaining balance on listed rates can be billed in $50 installments until paid in full. Family passes include spouse and dependent children ages 17 and under living at home or ages 22 and under if enrolled as a full-time college student. All new passes are effective from the date deposit is made. All renewal passes are effective from the date of expiration on the expired pass.

Pass Holder Rates

Annual passes at the Adams Tennis Complex are available to people of all skill levels, ages, and abilities. The specific needs of families, individual adults, seniors, or youth can be fulfilled by becoming a pass holder.
Family $600.00 (requires $100 deposit & dates of birth on all dependents)
Individual $450.00 (requires $50 deposit)
Collegiate $250.00 (requires $50 deposit & proof of full-time college enrollment)
Youth $250.00 (age 18 & under & requires $50 deposit & date of birth)
Senior $250 (age 60 & older & requires $50 deposit & date of birth)
Military $250 (active and veterans, requires $50 deposit & ID required)

Definitions for Pass Holder Types

Family: Any married couple living together and their children, or a single parent and their children.
Individual: Any individual who is 18 or older
Collegiate: Any full-time college or vocational student under the age of 22
Youth: Any individual who is 17 or younger
Senior: Any individual who is 60 or older