Indoor Tennis Rules & Regulations

Patrons must adhere to the rules stated below for use of indoor tennis facilities, so that all may enjoy playing in a safe and friendly facility.

  1.  Court fees must be paid before play begins.
  2. An official facility clock will be used to determine court changes. A horn will sound on the hour to alert all players of court changes.
  3. Players are not permitted to go onto any court prior to their scheduled reservation. Warming up on empty courts is not permitted. Players may use only the courts assigned to them.
  4. All players must clean and vacate the courts as soon as their reserved time has expired. Any player remaining on the court past his/her reserved time is subject to additional charges.
  5. Water and sports drinks are allowed on courts in plastic containers only. No glass containers are permitted. Please put all trash in provided receptacles before leaving courts.
  6. Players must be courteous to other players and to facility staff. Profanity is strictly prohibited.
  7. No more than four players are allowed on a court, unless they are part of a sanctioned MPRD Group Lesson.
  8. All outside Ball Hoppers and/or Ball Machines must be approved by staff prior to use on courts.
  9. All players must wear non-marking, light-soled tennis shoes and proper tennis attire.
  10. The deliberate hitting of balls at the ceilings, walls, curtains, light fixtures, and clocks is prohibited.
  11. Conducting and/or soliciting of any business, trade, or occupation, including taking photographs and/or motion pictures for commercial uses, or conducting classes at a charge to participants on MPRD property is prohibited unless authorized by a valid permit or contract by MPRD.
  12. Unattended children are not permitted in the facility. 
  13. The lobby, locker rooms and showers are only for the use of facility patrons. 
  14. The sale, distribution, possession and consumption of alcohol on MPRD property is prohibited except during city-approved special events. 
  15. The use or smoking of any type of tobacco product, including electronic cigarettes, is prohibited within the tennis complex. 
  16. MPRD is not responsible for lost or unsecured items.
  17. Please recycle by discarding all recyclable items in appropriately designated receptacles.
  18. Please direct all questions and concerns to the Facility Manager on duty.
  19. All other MPRD Rules and Regulations apply to use of this facility.
  20. Failure to observe the above rules will be reported to MPRD Staff and may result in removal from the facility or being barred from future use of MPRD tennis facilities.