Stones River Water Treatment Plant

The Stones River Water Treatment Plant (SRWTP) is charged with:

  • directing and conducting treatment
  • production and distribution of potable water for consumption
  • quality control and assurance through laboratory analysis of the potable water
  • the maintenance all plant facilities, storage tanks and equipment
  • flushing of distribution mains and dead-end lines
  • identifying, detecting and preventing cross-connections to the potable water system.

SRWTP is required to meet all federal and state regulations governing drinking water as regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC), Division of Water Resources under the Safe Drinking Water Acts.

Daily Water Quality Report


SRWTP has a treatment capacity of 20 million gallons per day. The recent expansion increased:

  • treatment and pumping capacity
  • added membrane filtration
  • granular activated carbon contactors
  • an onsite sodium hypochlorite generation system
  • standby power generation

The plant operates continuously producing an average of 12 million gallons per day, with a peak of 16 million gallons per day, of potable water.

The primary water source is the East Fork of the Stones River with an alternative source at the J. Percy Priest Lake, both of which are classified as surface water supplies.

The water system is interconnected to Consolidated Utility District (CUD) of Rutherford County’s potable water system in case of an emergency. CUD also receives their raw water from J. Percy Priest Lake.

Water Plant

Distribution System and Storage

The distribution water system service area encompasses 36 square miles and consists of 435 miles of water lines. There are five water storage tanks having a total storage capacity of 12 million gallons. In addition to storage, these tanks help maintain system pressure and provides fire protection. Each storage tank has onsite generators which allows the storage tanks to operate even during power outages.

Murfreesboro maintains a Class 2, ISO Public Protection Classification for fire protection. The water system accounts for 40% of the score and the remaining 60% the Murfreesboro Fire Department. In the last rating survey, the Water Resources Department scored 37.76 points out of a possible 40 for water supply toward the scoring for the classification.