Water Resource Recovery Facility

The Water Resource MWRRF (New)Recovery Facility (WRRF) is an award-winning operation, having won the Tennessee Water and Wastewater Association Plant of the Year award, National Utility of the Future Today recognition, the Beneficial Reuse of Effluent Award, and the Operational Excellence Award every year since 2012!

The WRRF was constructed in 2000 and recently expanded in 2017. This 50% plant expansion provides for the City’s rapidly growing population. Now the treatment capacity is 20 million gallons per day.

The WRRF uses a sophisticated system to meet the requirements of its TDEC National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit. The treatment process begins with a wastewater collection system that is regulated by Industrial Pretreatment and Fat, Oils, and Grease programs. At the WRRF, wastewater initially passes through fine, step screens and vortex grit removers. Next, it’s biologically treated: a carefully controlled multi-stage process of various microorganisms metabolizing pollutants. The water then flows through six clarifiers, thirteen deep-bed sand filters, and is disinfected with ultraviolet light.

Lastly, the water is oxygen enriched and either used for irrigation or discharged into West Fork Stones River, enhancing it for recreational use, beautiful scenery, and thriving aquatic life.