Protecting our Streams

The Stormwater Department is involved in many activities to help protect our local streams. Watch the video below for more information.

Watershed Management

Stream health is directly connected to land use is in the surrounding watershed. Typically as watersheds urbanize and become more impervious water quality goes down. Recent implementation of green infrastructure and LID techniques help the watershed function as it did before development. Watershed are analyzed on a regular basis to understand changes.

Streamside Buffers

Streamside buffers or a riparian zone are a vital part of the stream which provides habitat, holds the bank in place and regulates water temperature. An inadequate buffer along a stream causes more bank erosion and poor water quality. Sediment is lost every year from our local streams which results in acres lost.

In addition to streamside planting projects, several acres of streamside buffers have been protected through the Water Quality Protection Area Ordinance.

Riparian Buffer