Airport Rates & Fees

Airport Rates and Fees  Banner
Parking Method
Overnight Rate ($)
Monthly Rate ($)
Tie-down $10 $71
Hangars $30 n/a
A-C n/a $224
D-E n/a $288
F, H
n/a $308
G n/a $479
I, K, L
I an L: West facing hangars
n/a $361
J n/a $496

These rates are valid from July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023IMG_0610 a (2)

View the hangar complex for parking placement.   

Hangar and Tie-down Waiting List

Contact the Airport Staff to request a T-hangar Waiting List Application and or to get on the Tie-down Waiting List.

(There is a $250.00 Deposit required to be on the T-hangar Waiting List.  For more details request a copy of the T-hangar Waiting List Application.)

Fuel Prices

For Avgas and Jet A aviation fuel prices, please call 615-848-3254.