What are the goals of this project?


  1. Address the identified and documented pavement maintenance needs.
  2. Obtain a maintainable clear approach surface for Runway 36. (Temporary displaced threshold until obstructions are addressed and the threshold can be moved back to its normal location.)
  3. Get Runway 18-36 and Taxiway A operational within 30 days.
  4. Get the airfield open so that businesses are back operational and based customers can depart MBT and go to Oshkosh. 
  5. Open airfield so that transient pilots heading to Oshkosh can utilize Murfreesboro for fuel, food, and lodging if needed.

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1. When is the project scheduled to start?
2. How long is the runway expected to be closed?
3. Are there penalties if the contractor is unable to get the runway open within 30 days?
4. Do I need to move my aircraft if my aircraft is in a tie-down?
5. Do I need to move my aircraft if my aircraft is in a T-hangar?
6. What is being done to Taxiway A?
7. What is happening to Runway 18-36?
8. What is a Stopway or Blast Pad?
9. What are the goals of this project?
10. Are there contingency plans if there are delays in the completion of the project?
11. What are the local based businesses/Commercial Operators doing?
12. Why does the Airport have to do this project now?
13. Who is paying for this work? Will my rent go up?
14. How can I keep up with the latest status of the project?