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Temporary Permit to Exceed Maximum Permissible Sound Levels – Non-Commercial Speech

    Any person or group of persons planning a non-commercial activity or event may apply for a temporary permit granting such person or persons relief from the maximum permissible sound levels established in City Code Section 21-106 by completing and submitting the following application. The City Manager or Mayor will decide whether to issue a temporary permit within five (5) business days of receiving the application. Temporary permits will be granted where the evidence submitted with the application demonstrates that the strict application of the City’s Noise Control Ordinance would violate the applicant's right to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, equal protection, or the free exercise of religion as secured by the Tennessee Constitution or the United States Constitution. In issuing a temporary permit, the City Manager or Mayor may prescribe reasonable conditions or requirements deemed necessary to minimize any adverse effects of the activity’s or event’s sound levels on the community and surrounding neighborhood. See City Code Section 21-110(B).
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