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Administrative Home Occupation Form

  1. Administrative Home Occupation Form
  2. Description of work activity to be conducted in the home (i.e., office for contractor, telephone sales, filing, stuffing envelopes, no activity):

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  5. Home Occupations must be approved by the Board of Zoning Appeals for a special use permit provided, however, if home occupation approval is requested in order for the applicant to establish an address necessary for obtaining a business license and can meet the following standards, the special use permit for the home occupation may be issued by the Planning Director. In the event the Planning Director had doubt regarding the compatibility of the proposed home occupation with adjoining land uses, he shall deny approval. In which chase, the applicant may apply to the Board of Zoning Appeals as provided in Sections 8 and 9 of the zoning ordinance. 

    1. No person who is not a resident of the dwelling unit may be employed in connection with the home occupation at the dwelling unit or on the property. 

    2. No business signs shall be permitted. 

    3. There shall be no alteration of the residential building, which changes the character thereof as a dwelling. No display of products shall be visible from the street.  

    4. The home occupation shall be incidental and subordinate to residential use of the dwelling unit. No more than twenty-five (25) percent of the area of a residential dwelling unit and accessory structure, if used as part of the home occupation, shall be devoted to the home occupation. In the event the home occupation is to be conducted totally from within an accessory structure, no more than 500 square feet of area may be devoted to such home occupation. No more than one home occupation shall be permitted per residential dwelling unit. 

    5. No mechanical or electrical equipment may be used in residential dwelling unit or accessory structure in connection with a home occupation except such types as are customary for domestic, household, or hobby purposes; personal computers and facsimile machines may be used. Machinery that caused objectionable noise or interference with radio or television reception shall be prohibited. 

    6. There shall be no storage outside a dwelling unit or accessory structure of equipment or materials used in connection with the home occupation. 

    7. Any request for a home occupation which would potentially generate traffic or a demand for parking shall not be approved by the Planning Director and shall require application to the Board of Zoning as provided in Sections 8 and 9 of the zoning ordinance. 

    8. There shall be no group instruction in connection with the home occupation. For the purposes of this subsection, instruction shall be group instruction if it involves more than two students at any time. 

    9. The following activities and land uses shall not be approved by the Planning Director administratively: 

    a) Automotive repair (body or mechanical) 
    b) Kennel 
    c) Barber or beauty shop 
    d) Taxi service  
    e) Gun dealer upholstery or painting 
    f) Professional office 
    g) Artist studio 
    h) Charter bus service 

    10. The Planning Director may place conditions on the approval in order to assure compliance with the provisions of this subsection. If the conditions so placed are unacceptable to the applicant, the applicant may appeal the Planning Department’s administrative decision as provided in Section 12 of the zoning ordinance. 

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