Lisa Lugos

Employee Services
Title: Safety Officer
Phone: 615-848-2553 ext. 1208
Additional Phone: 629-201-6237
Lisa Lugos

Lisa is the Safety Officer for the City of Murfreesboro.  Lisa received her Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from The Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio, and earned her master’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering Safety and Ergonomics from Auburn University.   Lisa has brought over 20 years of Safety work experience to the City, most notably as a Safety Engineer for Nissan and Safety Specialist/Ergonomist for The Boeing Company.

Lisa works across departments in the City with employees and leaders to coordinate safety training, perform safety audits, and investigate workplace accidents to reduce the risk of future injuries on the job.   She also leads the proactive Leadership Safety Committee and is the primary contact for work injuries and workers’ compensation claims.  

A culture of safety, transparency and continuous improvement are her passions.  Lisa is a collector of special salt and pepper shakers; her favorite set was gifted to her:  a mother kangaroo (S) with a baby joey (P) in her pouch.


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